Doomsday Clock Prediction: turkey Earthquake..!?

While the doomsday clock has warned that the world has only 90 seconds to reach the point of destruction, the death of thousands of people due to the earthquake in turkey has caused a shock. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives in the worst earthquake that hit turkey and syria today. This earthquake has left people all over the world in a state of sadness.
Powerful Earthquake:

The US estimate that the earthquake in turkey and syria could have killed up to 10,000 people has made people even sadder. Because today's 3 earthquakes are very powerful. turkey has been hit worse than syria by this terrible earthquake. It is noteworthy that the worst incident occurred within two weeks of the doomsday clock scientists warned that the world would be hit by the worst.
Doomsday Clock:

The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 by a group of Nobel Prize-winning scientists. While the world was progressing towards modernity in the 20th century, the world began to travel towards destruction due to the greed of many countries, wars, and bad environmental damage. The doomsday clock was designed to warn of that. It is predicted by scientists that when the needle on this clock approaches 12 o'clock, the world will face destruction. According to this, before the 21st century, the time gap in minutes had come to a close to 12 o'clock at the beginning of this year, shocking everyone. That is, last week scientists released the shocking information that there are only 90 seconds left to approach 12 o'clock on the doomsday clock and warned the world. Although the world is moving towards an extraordinary environment like environmental pollution, melting of glaciers, temperature change, and climate change, many countries continue to do bad things without worrying about it.Environmental impact:

Worse within 2 weeks of the announcement of this warning by scientists. A powerful earthquake hit Turkey. By nature, the structure of turkey is highly prone to earthquakes. It was a dark year in the history of Turkey. The current earthquake is once again the worst in Turkey's history. Scientists have repeatedly warned that turkey will face more earthquakes, and the country's government has been accused of allowing buildings to be built without taking any precautions. Due to this, thousands of people have died in the rubble.
Thus, in the future, not only in turkey but in all the countries of the world, the public can prevent environmental damage by not doing any activities that are harmful to the environment. On the other hand, it is better to avoid human-caused destruction like war and conflict between two countries. If not, it should be understood that there is a risk that other countries will face the same tragedy as Turkey.

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