Police stations in india without vehicles/wireless...P1

Even after 75 years of the country's independence, there are 63 police stations that do not have any vehicles, that is, the police of these stations have to nab criminals on foot. However, the better thing is that in the last three years, the number of such police stations has decreased 4 times. Not only this, the 5g mobile revolution may have taken place in the country, but there are 285 police stations where there is neither mobile nor wireless connectivity facility. It is a matter of concern that during the last three years, instead of increasing the number of such police stations, the number has doubled. The information about these police stations was given by Union home minister nityanand rai on tuesday in response to a question in the Lok Sabha.

Nityanand Rai gave this information to the Lok Sabha

Union minister of State for home nityanand rai said in a written reply to a question that at present 17,535 police stations are operating in all the states in the country. Of these, 63 police stations do not have a single official vehicle, while a telephone connection is also not available in 628 police stations. Rai told the lok sabha that there are still 285 police stations in the country where neither wireless sets nor mobile phone facilities are available for contact.

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