SP Velumani, an MLA, accused the DMK of deceiving the public by failing to keep promises made during the election. Yesterday, under the supervision of SP Velumani MLA, a consultative meeting on the AIADMK Golden Jubilee year was held at the party's coimbatore district headquarters. SP Velumani, speaking during the conference, remarked, "Winning and losing elections is a common occurrence. The DMK has always lost elections after coming to power. We are a strong IADMK, and we will take on the corporation, municipal, and other elections head on."

He further said, "In coimbatore, the AIADMK government has implemented a number of initiatives. It is sufficient to just remind folks of it. The DMK will not follow through on its commitments. Is it possible to prevent NEET selection? However, they are putting on a variety of shows to confuse the public. Since its founding, the AIADMK has ruled for 30 of the last 50 years. 

This is something we must remember. As a result, no one should grow exhausted. Let's reawaken our enthusiasm. The AIADMK will form the next administration. We'll be victorious in more places. The AIADMK should make a special effort to commemorate the Golden Jubilee year." 

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