Chief minister Stalin is preparing a "electronic information board" with real-time statistics so that he may watch all of the tamil Nadu government's activities and announcements as if they were in his room. During the legislative elections, the DMK made around 500 promises. In addition, in each of the blocks, various promises were made. As long as the regime is in power, attempts are being made to keep these election pledges.

Meanwhile, chief minister Stalin has been meeting with ministers and officials on a regular basis to discuss the progress of departmental initiatives. He has also put ministers in charge of managing development initiatives in each area. Furthermore, the chief minister has taken direct control of all departmental projects. "We have a duty and responsibility to fulfil all election promises and legislative pronouncements," the chief minister said at a meeting with ministry secretaries last month. We'll have to take it one step at a time. 

The next creature will arrive in 6 months. Then comes the filing of the following financial statement. Within that time frame, notices must be processed. As a result, I'm going to use the tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency to build up an online information board containing information on all ministries' projects, which I'll check on a daily basis. There are plans in the works to see me in my room. It includes promises, announcements, and status updates. "I'm going to keep this up and review it once a week."

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