BJP: fish Eaters cannot be Hindus !!

BJP tamil Nadu leader Annamalai has said that none of the fish eaters are Hindus, which has caused controversy. Speaking in Thoothukudi, he said, "Nothing is brought and nothing is taken. It is our culture to live a monastic life without disturbing anyone. None of the fish eaters are Hindus. Before our very eyes, we are witnessing the gradual destruction of our culture. Does not bring anything, Our culture of monasticism living without disturbing anyone.
‘For the BJP, the temple is important, the church is important and the mosque is important. But when looking at the functioning of the DMK government, there is activity against only one religion. Everyone's desire is for students to go to school fast. It is a major problem if people under 18 years go to school without being vaccinated. We need to think about the doctrine of the state. Don’t force everyone to go to school fast.
Everyone knows that congress has become the B team of the DMK when asked by reporters about congress state president Alagiri's call for reform in education and employment in tamil Nadu. congress does fake things from time to time to show that we are alone.

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