Every constitutional position commands respect and accountability, and the Governor's office follows strict protocol. The ABN's Open heart With rk is one of the less well-liked tv shows since its host is untrustworthy. It's sad that telangana governor tamilisai soundararajan appears to have lowered the governor's position by participating in this reality show.

In the past, numerous governors in the country served as direct loyalists of the ruling party rather than as constitutional heads of their states. The current TS governor, who is making political statements against the ruling party in the state while being loyal to the ruling party at the centre, serves as a reminder to them. She is now a regular on the television show. Being the first citizen of telangana and the state's constitutional head, one would question what prompted the governor to appear on the tv show.

According to the channel's promo, the governor made some political declarations and negative remarks about TS chief minister K chandrasekhar Rao. True, kcr is fighting the bjp leadership, and there are other high bjp leaders who are challenging him. But she must explain why the governor chose to represent the bjp and criticise the chief minister on national television.

She reminds telugu people of the role of ram Lal and Kumudben Joshi, who served as Governors of undivided andhra pradesh and served as Indira Gandhi's spokesmen rather than the Constitution's. tamilisai soundararajan would join these two former Governors in undermining the institutions' constitutional respect. The governor did not appear in the tv studio for the interview, which is a good thing. She agreed to the channel's request to convert the raj bhavan hall into a temporary studio for the show.

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