Rahul gandhi gave a controversial statement-P1...

The biggest setback for rahul gandhi in the year 2023 is the Modi surname case. Due to a controversial statement, he has even lost his MP. rahul gandhi is going to start the Satyamev Jayate campaign at the same place in Karnataka's Kolar where he gave a controversial statement on Modi's surname.

Rahul gandhi will start the party's nationwide Satyamev Jayate movement from Kolar on 5th April. karnataka Pradesh congress President DK Shivakumar said on wednesday that rahul will now move forward on this mission.

Satyamev Jayate campaign will run across the country

Karnataka Pradesh congress chief Shivakumar in a joint conference with anand sharma gave information about the next mission of the Congress. DK Shivakumar said, 'The issue of rahul Gandhi's disqualification started with his speech in Kolar. rahul gandhi will arrive in Kolar on april 5 and launch his Satyamev Jayate campaign there, which will spread throughout the nation.

'Change will happen from the land of Kolar'

DK Shivakumar said, 'We asked him to start from here. They have agreed and preparations are going on for this. In the presence of congress President mallikarjun Kharge and other leaders, rahul gandhi will give the message of change from the land of Kolar.

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