Bulldozer action on illegal construction-500 year old tomb...

Devotees of almost all religions visit Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah in Delhi. On Saturday, there was a stir in the Nizamuddin area due to the sudden movement of bulldozers. The PWD department demolished the disputed structure of a tomb by running a bulldozer in Nizamuddin area. According to PWD, this tomb was built on the footpath by encroachment. According to india Today, this tomb was 500 years old and was present at this place. However, after the action, the debris of the tomb has been removed from there. During this action, a large number of police forces were deployed in the entire area.

People gathered when the bulldozer reached to remove this mausoleum built adjacent to the road in Nizamuddin area, in the opposite direction of mathura road. To avoid any untoward incident, a large number of police forces were also present with the PWD team. PWD officials said that after demolishing this encroachment structure, the debris has also been removed.

'Evacuates 13 meters of space but still uses bulldozer'

Regarding the removal of the tomb, its caretaker said, 'This tomb was about 500 years old. Then there was neither a road nor a footpath here.  Here the tin shed was removed, two rooms and the walls adjacent to them were demolished. The area of Nizamuddin is very narrow and congested. Due to being a very old area, there are many types of constructions here which have been present here for hundreds of years.

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