The bharatiya janata party (BJP) is battling internal issues, which paints a picture of chaos within the party as the State assembly elections approach. The conflict between huzurabad MLA Eatala Rajender and Bandi Sanjay, the head of the bjp in the state and chair of the joining and coordination committee, is still going strong. In addition, Eatala and bjp national executive member Vijayashanthi have engaged in verbal sparring. Asserting that the party MLA's participation in the Joining Committee was bad for the party, Vijayashanthi accused him of indulging in anti-party activities.

Vijayashanthi questioned Eatala's media speech on Tuesday, in which he claimed to have given up on the practise of appointing leaders from opposition parties. She questioned whether the Joining Committee's actions contributed to the victory in the Dubbaka, GHMC, and MLC polls. She criticised Eatala for running an alleged anti-BJP campaign under the garb of the Joining Committee and emphasised that the BJP's triumph was a result of the sacrifices made by party members and devoted supporters.

When Eatala remarked that all parties, including the bjp, had secret contacts with KCR, the divide between the two leaders widened. He was compelled to give Vijayashanthi the identities of these bjp operatives who were operating clandestinely. A cold war has been brewing between them ever since.

According to sources within the party, the State BJP's internecine conflict between natives and immigrants has been worse recently. Rajendar's alleged ambitions to take over as party leader in place of the outgoing Bandi Sanjay have been met with fierce criticism. Senior bjp officials have united around Sanjay, putting aside their disagreements.

Internal disputes inside the telangana bjp branch have intensified as a result of the defeat in Karnataka, with leaders openly pursuing one another. Additionally, there are rumours that "dissident" bjp members are thinking about switching to the congress party. The State bjp currently presents a split leadership that is unable to move the party forward.

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