Today marks Telangana's tenth birthday. Today marks the state's tenth anniversary of its founding. The telangana agitation is a prime example of the fight for endurance and self-respect. What happened after that is amazing. Everyone anticipated that telangana would suffer after it was established owing to a lack of leadership and resources. But the state has disproved everyone in 10 years. Every worry that people had about Telangana—the power outage, water shortage, real estate meltdown, etc.—was disproved by the state's capable administration.

Telangana has no power outages despite the fact that it initially cost a fortune, and new projects are being carried out as the state gradually moves towards becoming self-sufficient in the electricity sector. Lift irrigation schemes provided a more efficient solution to water issues. The initiatives (both current and planned) mainly make farming in telangana a joyful place, despite the fact that they constitute a burden to the state exchequer. The creation of the additional districts, surplus agricultural water, and Rythu Bandhu all contributed to a real estate boom and a spike in land values in telangana districts.

The situation was different yet still positive in Hyderabad. The telangana agitation's leadership was often portrayed as aggressive. Many people believed they would scare off the investors, generating chaos. However, hyderabad has been a success story in the previous 10 years because of significant infrastructural expenditures, being a center for startup businesses, and IT growth. Inadequate leadership in the neighboring state of andhra pradesh during the past few years has also been somewhat beneficial.

In the remaining districts, there is also an effort to promote industrial and IT growth. The efforts in that direction are praiseworthy, notwithstanding the fact that they are just baby steps. Telangana's growth narrative is accompanied with a cultural shift in the new state. telangana festivals and culture are held with a surprising amount of regard. The telangana accent and culture are no longer mocked in films. That is the respect that was only attained as a result of the self-identity and independent statehood that were as a result of it.

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