Naam Tamilar party chief coordinator Seeman has insisted that only limited works should be provided to prevent gangmen from becoming victims of electrical accidents. In a statement released by Nam Tamilar party Chief Coordinator Seeman, "10000 persons were selected through direct recruitment in the tamil Nadu electricity Board in march 2021 under the definition of gangman (training) staff, 9613 persons were recruited and after completing gangman training for two years, from last march 2023. Gangmen are working in various places of tamil Nadu as employees. It is strongly condemned that 9613 gangman employees have been employed like slaves in the Power Board for the past two and a half years by forcing them to do other tasks apart from those tasks, even though the power board had given them a job description when the gangmen were hired.

More than 40 gangmen have lost their lives and more than 100 gangmen have lost their arms and legs due to electrocution as a result of assigning gangmen to do other work apart from their limited work. Several requests have been sent to the power board through the Naam Tamilar Union and the tamil Nadu electricity Board Gangman Union to provide only limited work to the gangmen.

On 06.11.2023, Anbuthambi Gangman Sengottaiyan, who was working in Annur / North Division office under coimbatore / North Circle, was electrocuted when he was assigned to carry out electrical work other than his assigned work. In this regard, when the tamil Nadu electricity Board held a demonstration with his lifeless body through the gangmen's union that evening, the union members and the parents of the deceased gangman Sengottaiyan were threatened by the police and the body was sent for an autopsy and his body was cremated without any compensation being paid on behalf of the power board.

Meanwhile, on 29.11.2023 at 5.30 am, Anbuthambi gangman Jegatheesan working in Nanganallur divisional office, chennai under kanchipuram mandal, was electrocuted and died while he was assigned to perform electrical work other than his assigned work. Gangman workers staged a protest yesterday by keeping his body in front of the Superintending Engineer's office in Chennai.

Therefore, on behalf of Naam Tamilar party, I urge the tamilnadu government to immediately order the power authorities to restrict the gangmen workers from performing their limited tasks to prevent gangmen from becoming victims of electrical accidents. "Furthermore, I request the tamil Nadu government to issue an order for the gangmen employees to get transfer to their own district based on the opportunities and to announce the transfer of the gangmen employees as field assistants in the vacant posts in the electricity Board," he said.

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