US police have arrested three people for allegedly abducting, brutally assaulting and torturing an indian student. Every year lakhs of students from india go abroad for higher education. In that way, a student from india went to study at the Missouri university of Science and technology in Rolla, USA last year. The student, whose name has not been released, is being held captive by one of his relatives and two others. For the past 7 months, the three of them have kept the student captive and subjected him to various tortures.

The student was not even provided with toilet facilities and was beaten and tortured. police also said that he was forced to work in three houses. An American citizen who came to know about the plight of the student informed the police. police then rushed to the home on a rural highway in St. Charles County and arrested the suspect, identified as venkatesh R Sattaru (35). He is the relative of the victim indian student. police also arrested 23-year-old sravan Verma Benumetsa and 27-year-old Nikhil Verma Benumetsa. A case has been registered against these 3 persons under sections including kidnapping, kidnapping and assault.

The police who investigated the matter released many shocking information. A police official said, "The victim student was taken to venkatesh Sattaru's house last April. Then they started harassing him. The student was asked to work at venkatesh Sattaru's IT company for a whole day and then forced to do homework in the evening. venkatesh called his 2 friends and asked him to beat up the victim student. The student victim said Sattaru was "a rich, powerful man with political and law enforcement connections in India".

For more than 7 months, the men locked the student in a basement and forced her to sleep on the floor. It is completely inhumane and unconscionable,” he described. Sattaru resides in O'Fallon with his wife and children. He was additionally charged with human trafficking and contributing to human trafficking by misusing documents. Penumetsa and Benmatsa lived in the house where the victim student was rescued.

The victim told the police that he was always under surveillance and was given very little food. He also said that he slept only three hours every day. They said that they even allowed him to talk to his mother on the phone only in front of them and did not allow him to make a video call. police said that when they went to rescue the student on this information, they were initially not allowed to enter the house. However, the student ran out of the basement. police officials also said that he had injuries, bruises and scars and swelling all over his body.

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