Regarding getting ministerial post after winning for the eighth consecutive time, Vijay Shah said that we do not

do politics for the post. We do politics to serve the public. What post to give or not to give is decided by the

central leadership. But our constant affection and love towards the people. And our commitment towards the

people, our chief minister, our prime minister and all of us will work for it. In democracy no one is bigger than

the public. This victory is the victory of our party’s chief minister and our party’s customs and policies and our

Prime Minister.

After the eighth consecutive victory in his assembly constituency, Vijay Shah said that under the leadership of

PM Modi and the deeds of the bharatiya janata party till date, due to which the people, be it madhya pradesh or

Chhattisgarh, have accepted the BJP. And it has also made a worker like me win with historic votes, there are not

enough words to thank us enough.

There is no bigger solution than Rahul

Amidst his eighth consecutive victory, Vijay Shah took a dig at Congress's defeat and held rahul Gandhi

responsible for it. He said, rahul Gandhi himself is a Panauti, there is no bigger Panauti than the one who used

to call others Panauti, wherever he goes he comes back settled. He used to call Modi ji Panauti. Today the biggest

influencer is rahul Gandhi.

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