Bharatiya Janata party has handed over the command of madhya pradesh to Mohan Yadav. In such a situation,

the announcement of his name for the post of chief minister surprised everyone, but even more surprising was his

journey to reach the post of Chief Minister. A photo session of newly elected MLAs and central observers took

place during the legislature party meeting in the bjp office. In this photo session, Dr. Mohan Yadav was seen

sitting in the back row. During this time, perhaps someone or Mohan Yadav himself might have guessed that the

party was going to hand over such a big responsibility to him.

In this photo session, big leaders of bjp were sitting in the first row, which included many senior leaders

including former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, manohar lal khattar and Prahlad Singh Patel. Leaving

the first and second row, Mohan Yadav was sitting in the third row. According to the report, former Chief

Minister of madhya pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan himself had proposed Mohan Yadav's name to the High

Command for the post of Chief Minister. After this, Yadav's name was approved in the legislative party meeting.

When Mohan Yadav heard his name for the new cm of madhya pradesh, he could not believe it for some time,

but with this announcement, Mohan Yadav had left everyone behind in the race to reach the post of CM.

Considered close to the Sangh

Mohan Yadav is mla from ujjain South. He is considered close to the Sangh. He was the Higher Education

Minister in Shivraj government. He became mla for the first time in 2013. After this, in 2018, he won the

election from ujjain South seat for the second time. After the re-formation of Shivraj government in march 2020,

he was included in the cabinet in July. After taking oath as a minister in the Shivraj Singh Chauhan cabinet on

July 2, 2020, his stature in the politics of the state increased.

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