It has been revealed that the accused in the lok sabha security lapse issue had obtained a pass from mysore mp Pratap Simha. After this, Pratap Singh of karnataka congress was also involved in the attack and demanded that he should be dismissed from the parliamentary seat until the investigation is over. karnataka congress has tweeted that Pratap Sinha has an important role behind this parliament attack, so until the investigation is completed, pratap simha should be dismissed from the position of Member of Parliament. Along with that, it blamed the central government for the entire security lapse. On Wednesday, during the session of parliament in the lok sabha, two unknown persons entered the house and burst a smoke bomb. Meanwhile, some MPs caught the two and beat them there. After this, two other persons similarly burst tear gas outside the Lok Sabha. This was cause for concern. Soon after the issue became news across the country, it was reported that one of the accused had found a pass with the name of mp pratap simha to enter Parliament. The congress has made this a weapon and has demanded that Pratap Singh be dismissed from the parliamentary seat until the investigation is over.

'300 kg of RDX enters kashmir without any hindrance. The projectile enters parliament without any obstruction. Can the country wait for Chowkidar who cannot wait for Parliament? How is the security breach to this extent? Why? pratap simha has a major role behind this parliament attack. Earlier in 2001, there was a terrorist attack on the parliament house on this day, when the bjp was still in power. Now there is a security breach inside the parliament house itself. Soldiers could not be protected in Pulwama, MPs in parliament also failed to be protected. Pratap Simha's name figured prominently in this attack. "Speaker om birla should immediately sack Pratap Singh from the post of Member of parliament and conduct an investigation," the karnataka congress tweeted.

The agents who broke into the parliament got a pass from Pratap Sinha. Are these attackers Pratap Singh's close circle? Was there a conspiracy of this attack by pratap simha too? Why hasn't Pratap Singh been taken into custody to investigate all these facts? Why is there not only a lack of security in the country, but also a lack of investigation? How would the bjp have acted if the congress MPs accidentally got a pass for those who fired tear gas inside the Parliament? Why are the bjp leaders smiling as if nothing happened? Why are bjp leaders not talking about the security lapse? Isn't this a clear example of the complete failure of the central government to protect the country? karnataka congress questioned bjp by tagging it.

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