Kunal Satyatri, the head of the Union Committee which examined the storm affected areas, has praised the tamil Nadu government for its excellent work in Michang storm relief. Union Committee Chairman Kunal Satyathiri said that all the relief work undertaken by the tamil Nadu government in the face of the heavy rains caused by Cyclone "Mikjam" is highly commendable. He said: "We have visited and inspected all the 4 districts including chennai which were affected by the heavy rains caused by the Mikjam storm. We are satisfied with the research work. Based on the early warning issued by the india Meteorological Department, the tamil Nadu government took appropriate scientific precautions and opened the Chembarambakkam lake in advance to avoid massive flood damage.

Such a storm can occur once in 50 or 100 years. The cyclonic storm has now moved along the coast of tamil Nadu and has moved towards Andhra state, bringing heavy rains to the coast near Chennai. The state government has taken the flood-affected people stuck in low-lying areas due to heavy rains to safe places, protected them and prevented more casualties. The National Disaster Response Team, State Disaster Response Team, fire and Rescue Department have acted quickly and carried out the relief work well. The government has protected the people affected by the heavy rains in the best possible way by providing them with shelter, food and medicines.

The tamil Nadu government has given us the details of the flood damage. Our team has also visited various places, investigated the factual situation and gathered details. Based on them, the report prepared by the committee will be submitted to the Union government and the Union home Ministry and all efforts will be made to get the relief aid as soon as possible.” This was stated by the Chairman of the Union Committee, Kunal Sathyatri.

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