Famous director Pandiraj's post in tears thinking about Captain Vijayakanth's current condition is going viral. Captain Vijayakanth was known as an action hero in the 90s. While he was an actor, he was known as a very good person, and with the good intention of doing good to the people, he entered tamil Nadu politics. Vijayakanth, who founded a party called DMUDIKA and became its leader, allied with AIADMK and won many seats and went to the assembly. It is well known that Vijayakanth broke away from the AIADMK and became an opposition party due to the problem with Jayalalithaa. But for the past few years, he has been on hiatus without participating in any party program due to serious health problems.

For the past few days, Vijayakanth was suffering from cold and iron and was being treated at Myatt Hospital. Amid various rumors about his health condition, the captain, who was discharged from the hospital two days ago after finding good health, attended the meeting of the DMD chief executive committee and general committee today.

It was held today at GTN Palace Mahal in Thiruvekkad. Seeing Vijayakanth at the party function for the first time after medical treatment, the volunteers cheered and cheered. At the same time, he couldn't even sit properly in the chair, and the scenes of him slipping and falling down and the bystanders holding him down made some people wonder what kind of man he was.

In this case, after watching this video, the post made by famous director Pandiraj is going viral. In his post on X site, he said, "Captain Mr. Vijaykanth needs proper rest now. Please don't make him suffer like this until he recovers completely." He posted an emoji.This post is going viral.

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