Is rohini Acharya, daughter of former bihar CM and RJD Chief Lalu Yadav, preparing to contest the Lok Sabha

elections? On the question asked by the media, rohini said that she has no such intention as of now and what will

happen in the future will be seen in the future. Let us tell you that rohini is very active on social media and posts

vocally in favor of her father and RJD. When journalists asked her at the airport whether she was going to contest

the lok sabha elections? On this rohini said, No, I am not contesting the elections. I have no such intention

right now. rohini keeps attacking bjp on social media, hence there are speculations about her contesting the

elections. rohini said, I post whatever my opinion is. I am not contesting elections. Rohini’s fans want her to

contest elections, what does she want, will she contest elections in future? rohini said on this question, What

will happen in the future, how do I know?

Speculations about contesting elections started from here

Speculations are being made about rohini contesting the elections ever since she said in response to a media

question during her visit to her in-laws house that if the public wishes, she will contest the elections. rohini had

reached her in-laws house in Daudnagar, aurangabad on 14 December, where it was her father-in-law's 10th

death anniversary. His family members were also present in it. At the same time, it is believed that rohini can

contest elections from Karakat, which seat is currently with JDU.

Rohini came into limelight after donating a kidney to her father.

Rohini also came into limelight by donating a kidney to her father Lalu Yadav. rohini had made a very emotional

post on social media after donating the kidney to her father. In which she had written that she wished to see her

father in a healthy form, in the form in which she had seen him since childhood. rohini wrote this post on

December 5, when it had been exactly one year since she donated her kidney.

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