After the bumper victory in Madhya Pradesh, rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, bjp took a big decision and appointed

new CMs in all three states without bringing forward its old chief ministerial faces. bjp fought the elections

without a cm face and till the end it did not let anyone guess in whose hands the command of the states would be

handed over. In every election, the public could guess who the party would declare as chief minister, but this time

it was almost impossible to tell. At the same time, bringing forward new and unknown faces to the general public

is being considered a big strategy of bjp, under which Mission-2024 may also be covered.

However, the question arises whether suddenly bringing new faces in the three states is a preparation for the Lok

Sabha elections or is there some other politics hidden behind it? prime minister Narendra Modi himself has

answered this question. While talking to hindi newspaper Jagran, PM Modi said (and we are quoting), It has been

the misfortune of our country that among those who influence social life with their speech, intelligence and

personality, a large section Stuck in a clichéd and closed mindset. This is not limited to politics only but is seen in

every field. If we talk about the business sector itself, then whoever is a big name or who has done his branding

well, remains in the eyes of the media also. The rest of the hardworking and diligent people go unnoticed, no

matter how much good work they do.

cm is not a new face, he is an old experienced leader

At the same time, PM Modi further said, The same thing happens in the field of politics also. For many decades,

there have been only a few families who have received media attention. Because of this there is no discussion on

the talent of other people. This is the reason why people and media start looking at them as new whereas it is not

so. Those people are also old and experienced, who have done penance for a long time. From this statement of PM

Modi, it can be understood why new faces have been brought in by removing old faces in Madhya Pradesh,

rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

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