The fourth meeting of I.N.D.I.A., an alliance of opposition parties, was held in delhi on tuesday (December 19).

Many prominent leaders including mamata banerjee, Lalu prasad Yadav, nitish kumar and akhilesh yadav had

come to participate in this meeting. It is claimed that seat sharing was discussed in this meeting. congress leaders

are calling this meeting successful but Nitish Kumar's JDU has sounded a different tune.

JDU mp Sunil Kumar Pintu has issued a sharp statement regarding the meeting. He has said that congress did

not even have enough funds to serve samosas in the meeting. The meeting ended with only tea and biscuits

whereas earlier samosas were served.

'There was no discussion on important issues'

Furious over the alliance meeting, JDU mp Sunil Kumar Pintu, in a special interview given to news agency ANI,

also claimed that nothing meaningful was discussed in the meeting. He said that in the meeting of opposition

parties held in delhi on tuesday, big leaders of many parties had come to participate in the alliance, but no

discussion could be held on it. mp Sunil Kumar Pintu claimed that yesterday's meeting of opposition parties was

limited to tea and biscuits only.

congress is asking for donations

JDU mp Sunil Kumar Pintu also took a dig at the donation campaign being run by the congress party. Taking

aim at congress, he said that congress had recently said that they are short of funds and they are asking for

donations of Rs 138, Rs 1380 or Rs 13,800. Donations are yet to come. So yesterday's meeting ended only over

tea and biscuits without samosas. No serious issue was discussed in the meeting.

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