The rounds of meetings which will have an impact on the politics of madhya pradesh have started in the national capital Delhi. As part of this exercise, the new chief minister of the state Mohan Yadav is camping in delhi since Thursday. Now under this exercise, cm Mohan Yadav has met prime minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Ammit Shah.

madhya pradesh chief minister Mohan Yadav first reached to meet Union home minister amit Shah. Here he presented a bunch of flowers to Shah. Experts say that he is meeting the central leadership with the list of possible ministers of Madhya Pradesh. It is through these rounds of meetings that he will get his cabinet. After meeting Union home minister amit shah, chief minister Mohan Yadav met prime minister Narendra Modi. While meeting PM Modi, along with chief minister Mohan Yadav, both Deputy Chief Ministers of madhya pradesh Rajendra Shukla and Jagdish Deora were also present.

chief minister Mohan Yadav shared pictures of these meetings with prime minister Modi and home minister Shah on twitter (X). Along with this, he told that he met prime minister Modi and received guidance regarding many schemes related to development, progress and public interest of Madhya Pradesh. Regarding the meeting with home minister amit shah, chief minister Mohan Yadav said that various public welfare schemes of the state were discussed with him.

chief minister Mohan Yadav had come to delhi after the session of madhya pradesh assembly was over. Here he is continuously meeting the central leadership. On Thursday, chief minister Mohan Yadav had met the rajya sabha and lok sabha MPs of the state. MPs from opposition parties were also included in these.


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