Lord ram will be seated in the ram temple in ayodhya on 22 January. On this occasion, a large number of ram devotees from madhya pradesh will also go to Ayodhya. Special arrangements are being made by madhya pradesh cm Dr. Mohan Yadav for the ram devotees going to Ayodhya. After becoming the cm, the first instruction given by cm Yadav was regarding the welcome of ram devotees going to Ayodhya. Following the instructions of cm Yadav, preparations have been started to welcome ram devotees.

As per the instructions of chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, special arrangements will be made for ram devotees on the UP border. Other facilities including food and water will be made available to the devotees. As part of the pilgrimage, senior citizens will be transported to ayodhya through special trains. Besides, all ram devotees will also be welcomed by applying tilak on the UP border. Apart from this, there will be special arrangements for ram devotees in all 52 districts of the state.

 Ram devotee set out on foot for Ayodhya

Let us tell you that there is enthusiasm among ram devotees about the event to be held in ayodhya on 22 January. A young man resident of ujjain has set out for ayodhya on foot. This young man will reach ayodhya after traveling 900 kilometers on foot. youth Rajvardhan Sisodia is walking 30 to 35 kilometers every day. Rajvardhan has set a target to reach ayodhya in a month. Wherever the youth is passing through, he is being welcomed with tilak as per the instructions of the CM.

ram Mandir Trust made this appeal to the people

At the same time, the Trust of ram temple says that ram devotees, happy with the construction of the temple, should not move towards ayodhya before january 22. Therefore, a special appeal should be made to them that people may face inconvenience due to the VIP protocol during the programme. Therefore, the Trust is appealing to the people to come to ayodhya only after january 22.

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