On one hand, Manoj Jarange has said that the government has only tomorrow time to take a decision on maratha reservation, on the other hand, former Cooperation minister and bjp mla Subhash Deshmukh has given a big statement regarding maratha reservation. Subhash Deshmukh has said that it is not possible to take a decision on maratha reservation till december 24, everyone should be patient till the end of February. In such a situation, it will be important to see how Manoj Jarange reacts to this statement.

What did bjp leader Subhash Deshmukh say?

According to ABP Majha, while speaking in the press conference held in Solapur, Subhash Deshmukh said, "Many MLAs have expressed their opinion in the house regarding reservation. At least 70 to 80 MLAs expressed their views. chief minister Eknath Shinde himself also expressed his opinion on this. Shinde Committee has submitted its report, after which the report will be reviewed and presented before the Cabinet. The chief minister says that a decision on reservation will be taken by calling a special session. Therefore, a decision on this cannot be taken till december 24, as the report has now been received."

Everyone should cooperate

Speaking further, he said that it is important for everyone to be careful so that the reservation does not get canceled after giving reservation. Therefore, till the end of February, everyone should be patient, everyone should cooperate and try to get the reservation, said Deshmukh.

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