In Gonda, bjp mp Kirtivardhan Singh alias raja Bhaiya targeted congress leader shashi tharoor and said that if he wants to fight, he should go and fight on the railway line, fight with the train. His wish is to fight with whom what should we say to Shashi Tharoor.

On the controversial statement given by DMK leader Dayanidhi Maran regarding the people of UP and Bihar, the bjp mp said that there was a big scam in the country, 2G and 3G scam. He has spent a long time in jail. If he is giving statements in this manner today then he has poor thinking. They want to get votes by breaking this country and society. They have the same thinking which was shown by the British, which was shown by the Mughals and they are also showing the same thinking. This statement has been very poor and I strongly condemn it.

Give controversial statements to remain in discussion

On the statement given by SP leader Swami prasad Maurya regarding Hindu religion, the bjp mp said that people want to be in the news. He is in the news by giving controversial statements and he has nothing to say that he has been in the news. If someone makes a direct statement then people will discuss it, we should not get involved in this. There are 140 crore people in the entire country, so we cannot guarantee everyone's mental balance.

On the statement given by SP mp Shafiqur rahman Burke regarding ram temple, he said that whoever wishes can do it, some should celebrate mourning day, some can do what. What do we mean by this? ram temple was a big demand of this country and it was also justified. The supreme court has taken a decision regarding this. If he is mourning now then he is disregarding the decision of the supreme Court.

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