Even though bjp has got a big victory in the rajasthan Assembly elections, there have been challenges in some areas. congress is working hard in those areas. Former prime minister Chaudhary charan singh and father of Green Revolution Dr. MS swaminathan have been given Bharat Ratna by the bjp government at the Center. bjp is busy giving this message to farmers and Jat voters in Rajasthan. Along with this, bjp is aggressively attacking Congress. The bjp President himself has taken charge of it.

bjp state president CP Joshi said that the country owes a huge debt to former prime minister Chaudhary Charan Singh. He saved the country from destruction. Along with this, it was said for Dr. MS swaminathan that he had played an important role in india achieving self-reliance in agriculture in challenging times.

Big attack on Congress

CP Joshi said that in 1957, when Nehru returned from his visit to the Soviet Union, inspired by the lessons taught by his comrade there, he proposed collective farming in the nagpur session of the Congress. Which was strongly opposed by Chaudhary charan singh and the amendment proposed by him was passed with majority. This made Nehru angry and to avenge his insult, he changed Chaudhary Charan Singh's department in the Uttar Pradesh government. Chaudhary charan singh was one of the people who raised the issue of minimum support price for crops. As the Revenue minister of the government of Uttar Pradesh, he made an honest effort to implement land reforms in the state. Chaudhary charan singh was one of the main promoters of non-Congressism.

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