Uttar Pradesh MLAs along with cm Yogi Adityanath had darshan of ram Lalla. All the government ministers and bjp MLAs were present along with cm Yogi. Apart from these, assembly Speaker Satish Mahana was also present. Apart from this, MLAs of RLD and BSP also came to visit Rammala.

The convoy of UP MLAs and ministers left lucknow at around 9 am. The convoy of MLAs and ministers reached ayodhya at around 11.30 am. All 9 MLAs of RLD, all 11 MLAs of Nishad party, all 6 MLAs of SubhaSP and all 6 MLAs of Apna Dal SK were present with this convoy. UP congress MLAs were also present along with them.

I am very emotional- Satish Mahana

After the darshan, UP assembly Speaker Satish Mahana said, "I am very emotional because when I came to this place, there was a structure standing here, which was broken in front of us on december 6. I had come here at that time in 1990. A bullet was fired here. I came here at the time when the platform was constructed and today it is the most fortunate thing that I got the privilege of seeing god directly."

Minister Nand Gopal Nandi said, "There are people doing appeasement politics in the opposition, be it congress or Samajwadi Party. Samajwadi party has been inherited by their ancestors who opposed Sanatan Dharma. Those who have fired on ram devotees. "How will they come here, that's why they (SP) protested."

Apart from this, BSP mla Umashankar Singh also arrived to have darshan of Ramlala. Jansatta Dal Democratic President raja Bhaiya also went to ayodhya with the MLAs. However, on the other hand, Samajwadi party has distanced itself from this entire program. In UP, all parties except SP have gone to Ayodhya. On the request of cm Yogi, assembly Speaker Satish Mahana had invited these MLAs.

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