prime minister Narendra Modi is going to start the lok sabha elections today from Jhabua, a tribal area of Madhya Pradesh. After this alertness of bjp, former cm kamal nath has also become active in his stronghold Chhindwara. Former cm kamal nath is coming to Chhindwara for five days. During this time he will visit the tribal development block.

Former chief minister kamal nath will be on his stay in Chhindwara from 14 february to 18 February. He will depart by helicopter from State Hangar bhopal at 12 noon on 14th february and reach Harrai at 12.45 pm. Then leaving from Harrai at 1.45 pm, reaching Chhindwara at 2 pm, we will stop at Kamalkunj Shikarpur. kamal nath will participate in local programs during this period. Former cm kamal nath will reach Tamia from Chhindwara at 11.10 am on february 18 and will leave from Tamia for State Hangar bhopal at 12.30 pm.

 Congress has only one seat

Let us tell you that in the 2019 lok sabha elections, congress was successful in saving only one seat of Chhindwara. Former cm Kamal Nath's son nakul Nath became mp from here. bjp had won the remaining 28 lok sabha seats in the state. To save his stronghold, former cm kamal nath has again become alert. This is the reason why he is coming to Chhindwara on a five-day tour. His son Nakulnath will also be present with him during his visit.

 Let us tell you that bharatiya janata party is focusing more on tribal seats for the upcoming lok sabha elections. For this reason, prime minister Narendra Modi is coming from Jhabua today to inaugurate the lok sabha elections. Apart from this, PM Modi will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of many development projects worth about Rs 7300 crore in Jhabua.

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