According to sources the commotion has started regarding the rajya sabha elections because this year many posts have become vacant from different states. bihar also has seats in these. Meanwhile, bjp has announced the names of two candidates from bihar on Sunday. bjp is preparing to send Dharmshila Gupta and Bhim Singh to rajya sabha from Bihar. The party has officially announced the names of both.

Meanwhile Dharamsheela Gupta is the president of Mahila Morcha of bihar BJP. Bhim Singh has been a minister in the bihar government and he left JDU and joined bjp eight years ago. The important thing is that sushil modi has not been given a second chance. Meanwhile, sushil modi tweeted, "There will be very few workers in the country whom the party has sent to all four houses of the country continuously for 33 years." I will always be grateful to the party and will continue to work as before.

Moreover six rajya sabha seats are falling vacant from Bihar. Among these six, there is one mla from bjp, two from JDU, two from RJD and one from Congress. Sushil Kumar Modi's tenure from bjp is ending. Apart from these, the tenure of senior Narayan Singh, Anil prasad Hegde, Manoj Jha, Mohd Ashfaq Karim and Akhilesh prasad Singh is also ending on april 2. elections will be held before the end of the term. Let us tell you that in terms of statistics, one mp requires the support of 40 MLAs in Bihar. Considering BJP's numbers, it could have sent two MLAs. The number of bjp MLAs is 78. Apart from bihar, bjp has announced candidates for Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, uttarakhand and West Bengal. bjp has also announced the names of one candidate from Chhattisgarh, one from Haryana, one from Karnataka, seven from Uttar Pradesh, one each from uttarakhand and West Bengal. A total of 58 seats of rajya sabha have become vacant. elections will be held on 27 February.

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