Voluntary removal of encroachments in Simhastha mela area of ujjain has started. ujjain Municipal Corporation has given notice to 300 people to remove encroachment. Officials say that after people voluntarily remove the encroachment, demolition action will be taken, the responsibility for which will remain with the encroachers. Preparations have already started for the Simhastha Fair 2028 of Ujjain. According to ujjain Municipal Corporation Commissioner ashish Pathak. Many people had encroached on private and government land in Simhastha mela area. A notice has been issued to 300 such people. After receiving the ultimatum from the Municipal Corporation, people have started removing the encroachments voluntarily. Currently, the Municipal Corporation is keeping an eye on those removing encroachments.

12 crore devotees will participate in Simhastha fair

Municipal Corporation Commissioner informed that action will be taken to demolish those encroachments which are not removed even after the stipulated time period has passed. According to the Municipal Corporation Commissioner, this time there is a possibility of 12 crore devotees coming to the Simhastha fair. Keeping this in mind, the land of the fair area will be further expanded. Apart from this, development work is also being done at parking and other places.

Encroachment identified through satellite and videography

Municipal Corporation Commissioner ashish Pathak said that this time high-tech technology was used to identify encroachment. In such a situation there is no scope for any kind of accusation. He said that encroachments have been identified through satellite maps and videography. He said that complete information about the fair area in Simhastha 2004 and Simhastha 2016 is available in the Municipal Corporation and other government offices, keeping this in mind, notices were given for removal of encroachments.

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