Tejashwi Yadav is going on 'Jan vishwas Yatra' in bihar from 20th February. Journalists asked questions to prashant kishore on sunday regarding his visit. While answering the questions, prashant kishore made a big attack on Tejashwi Yadav and RJD. He said that recently nitish kumar had also undertaken Samadhan yatra, how many people of bihar and how many problems of bihar were solved? Right now rahul gandhi is doing Nyay Yatra. How many people of bihar got justice? Now what will happen if Tejashwi does Jan vishwas Yatra? You have broken the most trust.

'A wooden pot cannot be offered again and again'

prashant kishore said that Lalu-Nitish have been ruling bihar for 30-32 years. In all these years, poverty has not been eradicated, migration has not stopped, employment has not been provided. Now which faith are you talking about? The public is not that stupid. people will come in the vishwas Yatra, some people will also gather, but the wooden pot cannot be offered again and again. Those who have seen the government of RJD and Lalu Yadav's son know that they cannot do politics by rising above caste, Hindu-Muslim, corruption and hooliganism, this is their character. Can't RJD people do politics by rising above these four things?

Tejashwi Yadav will take out Jan vishwas Yatra from 20th February

Let us tell you that leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav will go on Jan vishwas Yatra in bihar from 20th February. This journey will go throughout Bihar. The journey will conclude on 29th February. His visit is considered important for the formation of the Grand Alliance government and the upcoming lok sabha elections. We will tell the public the agenda of the grand alliance regarding the lok sabha elections, will loudly highlight the failures of the central government, and will corner the nda government of Bihar. This journey will start from muzaffarpur from 20th February.

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