Lok Sabha elections are near. In such a situation, leaders of every party are busy making statements as per the election strategy. In Patna, Union minister and bjp mp from Begusarai giriraj singh have praised prime minister Narendra Modi. He has described PM Modi as a symbol of nationalism. Along with this, he has attacked many opposition parties including RJD President Lalu Yadav, mamata banerjee and stalin over dynasty politics. Union minister giriraj singh said that PM Modi lives and dies only for the country, whereas other political parties believe only in taking their dynasty forward. He taunted the I.N.D.I.A alliance by calling it a collection of nepotistic parties.

What else did giriraj singh say?

giriraj singh said, "PM narendra modi had saluted the stairs of the temple of democracy on the very first day in the year 2014. What is it to them? He is a saint. There is no money in his account. He doesn't have any land. There is no house. He lives only for the nation and dies for the nation only. Other political parties are only engaged in expanding their dynasty.

Attack on opposition parties

Union minister giriraj singh further said that RJD chief Lalu Yadav wants to make his son the Chief Minister. mulayam singh yadav has already done this. mamata banerjee is promoting her nephew while stalin is promoting his son. Someone is dying for the nation and someone is dying for the family. In such a situation, who will the public side with? It is obvious that the public will support those who do good to the nation. The I.N.D.I.A alliance in the entire country is of familyism. He also said that PM narendra modi is a symbol of nationalism.

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