Despite receiving the sixth summons from ED, delhi cm arvind kejriwal did not attend the questioning on Monday. Since then, the attacks on him by the leaders of the opposition parties have continued. Now BJP's national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala has targeted him for not joining the ED inquiry. He said, "He (Delhi CM) is not only number one in corruption cases, but he is also fugitive number one. He has nothing more to hide as the mastermind of the liquor scam, so on ED summons." Why don't you join the inquiry while implementing?"

bjp spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala says that by not participating in the questioning, it is clear that he has something to hide. It would be appropriate that he joins the interrogation as per the summons of ED. On the contrary, they are calling the ED summons illegal.

delhi cm is avoiding investigation

Now even the congress party is saying that you have a lot of questions to answer in the liquor scam. So are they also taking revenge? Who is doing the politics of vengeance? Before coming into politics, cm arvind kejriwal used to say that after being accused of corruption, the first minister should resign, but despite calling himself staunchly honest, he is running away from investigation. This method of his is going to avoid investigation. He said that now even the court has accepted that the account of Rs 338 crore in the delhi Excise case is under doubt.

Should join ED inquiry

Earlier, former delhi MP sandeep Dixit had said, "We agree with the delhi cm that ED and cbi are no longer independent agencies. It can also be assumed that the bjp government is using ED and cbi for its political gains. Despite this, no one has the right to disobey the legal process." They should go to the investigating agency like sonia gandhi, mallikarjun Kharge and rahul gandhi and present their side.

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