Reportedly for three consecutive days, speculations are rife that news of kamal nath joining bjp is coming. However, there is no official confirmation on this but if sources are to be believed, kamal nath is looking for a place for his son nakul Nath on Chhindwara lok sabha seat. In such a situation, political experts say that it is possible that not kamal nath, but only his son nakul Nath may join BJP.

Meanwhile on one hand, congress sources are claiming that the chances of kamal nath and son nakul Nath joining bjp are very less. At the same time, if bjp sources are to be believed, Kamal Nath's son nakul Nath can join bjp and also prepare for the upcoming lok sabha elections. bjp sources say that both kamal nath and mp son nakul Nath are in touch with bjp, but considering the current circumstances, only nakul Nath can join BJP. Along with Nakulnath, many other leaders of Chhindwara are also likely to join BJP. It is believed that this picture will become clear in the next day or two.

Earlier on Monday, february 19, kamal nath had called a meeting of close MLAs at his residence, in which Sajjan Singh Verma also participated. It is believed that after this meeting Kamal Nath's stand will become clear. At the same time, after the meeting was over, his supporting MLAs have claimed that neither kamal nath nor his mp son nakul Nath is going to leave the Congress. Both of them have spent their lives fighting against BJP. In such a situation, how can he go to that party?

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