Reportedly the politics of bihar has heated up after the decision to review the work in the departments of Tejashwi Yadav, Ramanand Yadav and Lalit Yadav, who were ministers from RJD quota in the Grand Alliance government. The leaders of the Grand Alliance are making serious allegations against cm Nitish. RJD mla mukesh roshan said that there were many types of scams like rice scam, Srijan scam, medicine scam. The superintendent of PMCH had retired on january 31. Dr IS Thakur was hurriedly given an extension even though he has been accused of various scams. All this has not been investigated, we will go to court.

Meanwhile mukesh roshan said that Nitish has been the chief minister of bihar since 2005. The work done in various departments during the 17 years of nda government should be reviewed and investigated. At the same time, congress Legislature party leader Shakeel ahmed khan said that the work of the nda government from 2005 till now should be reviewed and investigated. Many leaders built mansions with government money. If any bridge broke, the contract to build the bridge was given to the same contractor again. There was massive corruption in the nda government.

Furthermore on this, bjp mla Nitish Mishra said that the Grand Alliance has nothing to say. Good governance has been the USP of the nda government since 2005. Whenever nda government came to power in bihar, work was done in a transparent and honest manner in every department. No one can raise questions on the work. No irregularities were ever found in the nda government in Bihar. The Grand Alliance has gone out of power, so now they are making statements. The functioning of the departments of some ministers who were ministers from RJD quota in the Grand Alliance government will be reviewed. Why is there panic in the Grand Alliance due to this order? This is a normal process. Let the review happen.

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