Currently the politics of bihar has heated up after chief minister Nitish Kumar ordered an inquiry into the work of four departments of former deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav and former Mining minister Dr. Ramanand Yadav and Public Engineering minister Lalit Yadav. . On this issue, former Agriculture minister and RJD mla sudhakar Singh said that there should be an investigation, but not just the three ministers, the work done in the last 17 years should also be investigated. Alleging gross irregularities and corruption in the Agriculture Department, he said that I have strong evidence.

Meanwhile sudhakar Singh said that I had given a yellow paper to the government a year ago also. In this, a demand was made to investigate all the scams that have taken place so far in the Agriculture Department. Why should the government get all the departments investigated by a third party or by the CBI? Alleging that the funds released on the fourth agricultural road map in the budget session have been ignored on many points, he said that a threatening order has been received by the Nitish government to investigate former ministers. We also want that there should be an investigation.

Moreover the RJD leader said that when I was the Agriculture minister, we had ordered observation and departmental inquiry on the three previous agricultural road maps so that it could be known how much benefit the farmers in bihar got after the implementation of the three agricultural road maps. And how much amount was lost to corruption. He said that Rs 3.75 lakh crore has been spent in the last 15 years in the name of agricultural road map, but till now the condition of any farmer has not improved.

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