Currently two months are left for the lok sabha elections. Regarding this, political turmoil is going on from delhi to remote areas of the country. Statements have started coming one after the other from politicians. The process of changing sides of political leaders like MPs and MLAs has intensified. Meanwhile, AIMIM chief asaduddin owaisi has given a big statement in a program in Akola, Maharashtra.

When referring to the recent issue of bulldozing of the 600 year old Akhundji mosque by the delhi Development Authority in Mehrauli, delhi, he said that it has an old history. In Mehrauli, DDA demolished the mosque without giving any notice. A 500 year old mosque in delhi was demolished without any notice. The 600 year old mosque and graveyard were also destroyed. We want to ask, what does bjp want to do in this country?

Moreover AIMIM chief Owaisi asked people what did you get in the name of secularism. Lost Mehrauli of Delhi. I believe in the secularism of the Constitution. You do not believe in political secularism. What did the country's politics give you? Sacrificed the 600 year old Akhundji Mosque.

AIMIM Chief Owaisi further said that I would like to tell the Choudharys sitting in delhi that if narendra modi wins the lok sabha elections, it is not because of a Muslim, he has created the image of a Hindu Hriday Samrat. He is trying to unite all the majority communities. narendra modi has marginalized Muslims in indian politics.

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