Recently international storyteller Pandit pradeep Mishra has been threatened with defamation with life and property. The threat has been given through an anonymous letter, in this letter it has also been written about defaming Pandit pradeep Mishra. Pandit pradeep Mishra's supporters are worried after receiving threats. Meanwhile, maharashtra lok sabha member Navneet Rana has also written a letter to Union home minister amit shah for his safety.

Meanwhile let us tell you that international storyteller Pandit pradeep Mishra has supporters in the country as well as abroad. Pandit pradeep Mishra claims to be the solution to remove the troubles of life and Rudraksh claims to provide relief even in the biggest epidemics. After the threat received by Pandit pradeep Mishra, Maharashtra's Amravati mp member Navneet Rana has written a letter to the home minister and Cooperation minister of the government of India, amit Shah. A letter has been issued by the home minister on 10 February, this has also been confirmed by the supporters of Pandit pradeep Mishra.

Moreover Pandit pradeep Mishra from Sehore, madhya pradesh is also in the news. The number of his followers has increased across the country. During the Corona period, small tips given through tv channels proved effective for the people, due to which people's craze for Pandit pradeep Mishra increased. Pandit pradeep Mishra from Vyas Peeth tells the devotees to have faith in God, he says that living and dying are all in his hands. However, Pandit pradeep Mishra has kept a gunman for his security. Dressed in black, this gunman is always deployed under the protection of Pandit pradeep Mishra. After receiving threat to Pandit Pradeem Mishra, the lok sabha member from maharashtra has written a letter to home minister amit shah regarding his safety.

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