12 officers hurt when farmers burned their stubble to add spice...

After a confrontation between farmers protesting and haryana police during their "Delhi Chalo" march, the former attempted to breach the barriers, and the latter used tear gas shells to scatter them, the situation at the state borders of Shambhu and Khanauri in punjab and haryana became quite heated. The protesting farmers reportedly approached the police officers stationed at the Datta Singh-Khanauri border crossing and began setting fire to their stubble sprinkled with chill powder. They even used sticks, maces, and stones to attack the security staff, gravely hurting at least 12 police officers.

"At the Data Singh-Khanori border, the demonstrators surrounded the police officers from all sides, attacked them with maces and sticks, and threw stones at them. They also burned stubble by putting chilli powder in it. Twelve police officers suffered major injuries. In a video message, a haryana police official said, "We plead with the protestors for peace.

According to farm leaders, 12 protestors were hurt at the Khanauri border in the meantime. They stated that out of the 12, two farmers' conditions are deemed critical. A protester, 24, passed away on wednesday from his wounds during a confrontation with the haryana police near the border. According to hospital sources, shubh Karan Singh was brought to the hospital and later passed away.

The farmers' announcement of a march to Delhi, which was canceled, and their inability to enter haryana from punjab marked a significant uptick in the protests, which have been ongoing since february 13. The leaders of the farms have declared that they would not stop protesting until their demands are met. "This movement will not stop; dialogue is the only way to find a solution. Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) will meet tomorrow and decide on next steps," Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) head Rakesh Tikait told the press. In addition, the punjab police has asked the farmers to maintain their composure and the haryana police to refrain from using force.

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