Samajwadi party will field its candidate from Khajuraho seat of Madhya Pradesh. madhya pradesh bjp President vishnu Dutt Sharma is the mp from this seat. After sealing the alliance with congress in UP, congress has given this seat of madhya pradesh to Samajwadi Party. In the last lok sabha elections, congress was at second position on this seat. Samajwadi party candidate was at third position. congress had fielded Kavita Singh Natiraja as its candidate in the 2019 lok sabha elections. Whereas Samajwadi party had given ticket to veer singh Patel.

VD Sharma had got 810410 votes in the last election and was declared the winner. Kavita Singh Natiraja got 318526 votes. Whereas, veer singh Patel of SP was successful in getting 40029 votes. Talking about vote share, VD Sharma got 64.49 percent votes and Kavita Singh got 25.34 percent votes, whereas in terms of vote share, SP's performance was very weak as veer singh Patel could get only 3.19 percent votes.

BJP's dominance in Khajuraho since many elections

Khajurao is considered a hot seat of madhya pradesh from where powerful leaders of bjp and congress have been contesting. Former cm of madhya pradesh and former Union minister Uma Bharti has been a four-time mp from here. Whereas congress leader Satyavrat Chaturvedi had reached the lok sabha by winning from here in 1999. However, in 2004 he had to face defeat from this seat. He was defeated by BJP's ramakrishna Kusmaria.

If we look at the elections after 1990, bjp has won this seat seven times while the congress candidate has won the election only once. If seen in a way, this is the stronghold of bjp and it does not seem so easy for any other party to break into the vote bank of BJP.

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