Farmers can go from Ambala to delhi in about two hours?

Farmers are demonstrating in the streets once more in response to their requests, and they are determined to have their demands met with the phrase "Dilli Chalo." Since february 13th, they have been agitating once more. Farmers' demands are consistent, and their arguments are mostly supported. If you pay attention, the demands of the farmers weren't formed today; rather, when the MSP (Minimum Support Price) was established, the American government and the Cornell Institute of America conducted a study throughout india, completed all the necessary steps, compiled the report, and sent it. The 1959 india Food Crisis and Steps to Meeting served as the impetus for the Minimum Support Price as it exists today.

The Agriculture, Produce, Market Committee, APMC, Mandi Committee, and other associated committees have all been involved in the implementation of the recommendations made in the swaminathan Committee report, which dates back to 1964 or 1965. Even if food grains have increased from less than 70 million to 300.5 million tonnes, the issues still exist. Farmers face an issue of not receiving the correct price; if the minimum social payment is overlooked, they should receive a price that reflects their costs, something that is not the case globally.

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