The reason behind the agitation in Delhi..?

Everyone has the right to visit delhi, which serves as the nation's capital. Farmers have never questioned why there is a toll for cars to enter delhi since it is the nation's capital. Everyone owns the capital, so there's no need to charge for it. Farmers accepted that obstacle without taking any action, and the government is enforcing prohibitions in every manner. Farmers are to blame for this; when modest obstacles were erected, they were disregarded. Large walls are being built these days. What does the government want is the question. The administration claims that we can go and speak with the farmers ourselves, so why should they travel to Delhi?

Farmers believe that if we bring our voices to delhi, they will be heard more loudly, thus they do not want to travel there because they have any emotional ties to the city. These farmer-led movements have occurred in Vidarbha on several occasions. Nobody is aware of Vidarbha, where Sharad Joshi carried out the action. Aside from that, there have been numerous such movements that have occurred around the nation; others in other regions are unaware of them.

The government is concerned about political pressure.

A massive farmer's gathering began in the south during the UPA regime, and by the time it reached Maharashtra, it had grown into a massive movement. The farmers went to gwalior when the UPA government noticed that the movement was growing, and the government warned them that there may be a major issue if they went to delhi as elections were also coming up. The government becomes uneasy when it decides to use pressure politics. Following their visit to gwalior, the ministers from the UPA administration returned after persuading the local farmers. people were oblivious of the existence of such a large-scale farmer movement. The reason for traveling to delhi to protest is that Delhi's media is aware of these issues and does a good job of reporting on them. This shouldn't be stopped by the government.

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