In 1988, the largest farmer movement occurred...let's see...

In Delhi, the largest-ever migration was documented in 1988. mahendra singh Tikait, Rakesh Tikait's father, received thousands of farmer visits. Five lakh farmers are reported to have visited him. If not five lakhs, then at least 1.5 lakh farmers have to have arrived. He arrived and lodged at india gate Boat Club. He lit his langar, lit his stove, and tidied everything up there.

Ministers, government officials, and the opposition leader spoke. Even the prime minister visited him, spoke with him, and addressed him. They were removed from that location and brought to the red Fort's grounds. Subsequently, nobody prevented him from visiting Delhi. Additionally, certain things occurred, some of them were approved, and some of them were put into practice. Since no government has been able to limit inflation, this is a concern for MSP. Farmers' expenses kept rising since inflation could not be controlled. All manufacturing product owners, including global corporations, continued raising their prices.

The corporate sector's arbitrary behavior

Inflation control was not attempted by the government. Following the dissolution of MRTP, which governed the three monopolies, it has become evident that corporate sector arbitrariness has continued to rise. The farmer bears the brunt of all those factors, and as prices rise, the government is compelled to raise all those costs as well. Farmers are concerned these days because their prices have not risen in line with the rise in inflation. Should the government decide to raise prices on everything, the state of the market will only get worse.

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