According to sources delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal has made a big attack on bjp regarding chandigarh Mayor elections. He said that now there is a fight between religion and unrighteousness. There has been so much injustice that god has decided to incarnate. cm kejriwal further said, "Farmers are worried, youth are not getting jobs. women are not able to meet their household expenses. Traders are worried. There has been so much injustice all around that god has decided that now god has decided that now we have to take incarnation. We have to intervene. The events of the last few days show us that god has decided to intervene directly.

Perhaps during this, the chief minister of delhi also expressed his views on chandigarh Mayor elections. He said, "On january 30, mayor's election was held in chandigarh, voting took place, the official was Anil Masih. On that day, these people thought that they would disrobe Draupadi. They would disrobe indian democracy. Now Shri krishna ji reached there to stop the disrobing. They were not visible to anyone there. They were invisible. You people must have seen the videos. bjp people were shouting to turn off the cameras...the cameras were not turned off because Shri krishna was present.

Moreover arvind kejriwal said, "This is not a coincidence, this is a sign from God." The world's biggest party was exposed in front of the entire country within five minutes. Those who had come to disrobe Draupadi, Lord Shri krishna disrobed her in front of the entire country. The manner in which the case was conducted in the supreme Court. The judge is considered a form of God. Whatever happened inside the supreme court yesterday was something much bigger. It felt as if Shri krishna was there. god exists. god is speaking inside the Chief Justice; god is sitting on the tongue.

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