Congress is in terrible shape, with only 17 seats....?

The congress was able to secure one seat in the lok sabha, in Rae bareli, Uttar Pradesh, during the most recent elections. The congress no longer held control of Amethi, the gandhi family's ancestral home. The Congress's vote share in Uttar Pradesh during the 2019 general elections was a mere 6.36%. In contrast, congress only received 7.53% of the vote in the 2014 lok sabha elections, winning only two seats—Rae bareli and Amethi—despite running alongside Rashtriya Lok Dal. The vote share of congress has dropped by almost 11% in this election. In Rae bareli and Amethi, the Samajwadi party does not run candidates in this scenario.

The assembly elections of 2022 revealed an even worsening condition for Congress. congress, which stood alone in the elections, was only able to secure two assembly seats. However, congress was only able to win 7 seats in the 2017 assembly elections despite running in coalition with the Samajwadi Party. It is clear from these numbers how much the congress has lost ground in Uttar Pradesh over the past ten years. These numbers make it quite evident that the congress is in danger of losing all of its seats in Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Nyay yatra in Uttar Pradesh is seen by a sizable throng. While organizing or assembling a throng for a yatra is one thing, the congress is actually experiencing a crisis in Uttar Pradesh that affects both its existence and reputation. It is clearer after assessing the political climate in various parts of Uttar Pradesh that the general public in this region has very negative opinions of the Congress. For congress, even in this scenario, winning 17 seats to run for office in coalition with the Samajwadi party is nothing short of a miracle.

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