Reality and Akhilesh's PDA slogan...

It was too much for akhilesh yadav to risk losing congress as well. Regardless of whether it wins Rae bareli or any other seat, the congress, no matter how bad things go, still has a chance to garner about 7 percent of the vote in the state. akhilesh yadav is fully aware that he would find it difficult to duplicate his success from 2014 and 2019 if the congress had likewise chosen to contest in Uttar Pradesh alone.

Regardless of Akhilesh Yadav's assertions, the Samajwadi Party's current political base is insufficient to propel the party to a significant victory in Uttar Pradesh's Rammay and yogi political environments. With the PDA (Backward, Dalit and Minority) slogan, akhilesh yadav hopes to defeat the bjp in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh election contest. Combining these three components and the number of candidates the Samajwadi party has announced thus far demonstrates that akhilesh yadav is only proceeding based on the PDA.

In the state, akhilesh yadav hopes to garner 85% of the vote under the PDA banner. Even with simply the slogan, the Samajwadi party will gain more support from the backward classes, Dalits, and minorities, but this is not an easy feat. It cannot even be considered in the absence of Congress. It can grow increasingly harder for akhilesh yadav if congress does not receive support in Uttar Pradesh. Whether the BSP wins any seats or not, a large portion of the Dalit vote bank would undoubtedly go to Mayawati. 

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