How congress could potentially be a source of loss...?

The Samajwadi party can potentially lose out as a result of its partnership with the Congress. Akhilesh consented to provide so many seats even though he was aware of this fact. It was with congress in the 2017 assembly elections, as everyone knows. The Samajwadi party was forced to bear the repercussions of this. Even though it was allied with the congress and Samajwadi party, the bjp managed to pull off a historic show. In Uttar Pradesh, the bjp secured 312 of the 403 assembly seats in this election. In contrast, congress had only gained 7 seats and the Samajwadi party had lost 177 seats, bringing them down to only 47 seats. Samajwadi party distanced themselves from congress in the subsequent assembly elections. The Samajwadi Party's performance was significantly better in the results than it was in 2017.

Top congress leadership pressure was effective.

Akhilesh Yadav's powerlessness was fully understood by the congress hierarchy. As a result, pressure was built up for 20 seats. This time around, winning seats in Uttar Pradesh is not as crucial to the congress as growing the party's base of support, or vote share. She had to keep insisting on getting the maximum number of seats. Currently, Uttar Pradesh does not have a lok sabha seat where the congress can assure victory. In Uttar Pradesh, where they have the ability to win the party a victory despite their partnership with the Samajwadi party, it is getting harder for the congress to find such candidates this time. Despite the lack of popularity or favorable perception of the party among the state's citizens, congress will run for 17 seats in the partnership. This ought to be viewed as a partial triumph for Congress. However, it is better to view it as Akhilesh Yadav's mandate.

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