More seats for the congress will help the BJP...

From the perspective of the bjp, the distribution of seats between the Samajwadi party and the congress has a significant component. Uttar Pradesh is already home to a sizable bjp following. This time, the bjp and its supporters are vying for all 80 of Uttar Pradesh's lok sabha seats. In order for PM narendra modi to fulfill his boast that the bjp has crossed 370 seats and the nda has crossed 400, the nda must win every seat in Uttar Pradesh. In Uttar Pradesh, the nda got 64 seats (BJP 62 and allies 2 seats) in 2019 compared to bjp 71 seats in 2014. This implies that the nda still has room to gain 16 seats when compared to 2019.

With the congress now vying for 17 seats, the BJP's path in Uttar Pradesh can get much simpler. The more seats that congress runs for, the more likely it is that the bjp will win those seats. This is because Samajwadi party candidates in Uttar Pradesh have a better chance of winning than congress candidates under the opposition alliance 'India'. This is a result of Congress's pitiful state. In such a scenario, the Samajwadi Party's challenge to the bjp will gain momentum the more seats it fights in Uttar Pradesh. The amount of seats the congress was able to persuade akhilesh yadav to accept by applying pressure for more must please the BJP's upper management.

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