All parties have started preparations for the lok sabha elections 2024. bharatiya janata party, along with its allies, has set a target of winning more than 400 seats, but it will not be easy for the ruling alliance. The condition of the party is very bad in five states of South India. In such a situation, it will not be easy for PM Modi's party to win more than 400 seats on the basis of only hindi speaking states. The party has a very strong hold in hindi speaking states. On the basis of this, bjp has been getting majority in the lok sabha elections twice on its own, but even with the alliance, bjp will have to perform well in South india to get more than 400 seats. Till now, only once has a party won more than 400 seats. congress had done this in 1984, but then after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, people voted emotionally.

South india includes a total of five states including karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, telangana and tamil Nadu. First let us know the current situation of bjp in these states.

BJP's position in South indian states

Karnataka- bjp has control over 25 out of 28 lok sabha seats in the state. There is a congress government in the state under the leadership of Siddaramaiah.

Andhra Pradesh- bjp does not have any of the 25 seats. There is a congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress government in the state. jagan Mohan reddy is the Chief Minister.

Kerala- bjp does not have any of the 20 seats. There is a Marxist Communist party government in the state, pinarayi vijayan is the Chief Minister.

Telangana- bjp has 4 out of 13 seats. congress party is in power in the state, revanth reddy is the Chief Minister.

tamil Nadu- bjp does not have any of the 39 seats. There is DMK party government in the state. MK stalin is the Chief Minister.

bjp was in power in karnataka a few years ago. Right now there is a congress government, but here also bjp can get votes in the lok sabha elections. However, it is likely to decrease compared to the previous elections. Because there is congress government in the state. In such a situation, the ruling party's seats usually increase.

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