Among its devoted fans, the Jana Sena party has caused great dissatisfaction with the recent news that it will compete from just 24 out of 175 seats in the next assembly elections. Many followers are disillusioned and doubting the Jana Sena party's strategic choices in what was once seen to be a huge political advancement.
In the last five years, the Jana Sena party has shown to be a formidable opponent to the ruling party, giving supporters hope that Pawan will eventually become the Chief Minister. Their hopes were further raised by the party's aggressive participation in the 2020 municipal elections, Pawan's insistence that Kapus adopt a "elder brother" role in politics, and his plea to supporters to have faith in his calculated plan of action. Notwithstanding their hope, supporters acknowledged the real difficulties and knew that Pawan's elevation to the position of chief minister in the 2024 elections was improbable. Thus, they saw that the party's immediate objective was to get as many seats as possible in the state parliament.

Leading political personalities such as hari Rama Jogayya wrote to Pawan asking him to accept no less than 65 to 70 seats. Pawan also told his followers that the Jana Sena will only join forces after gaining a fair number of seats. He declared that his party will undoubtedly run for more than one-third of the seats, which led supporters to predict that the coalition would win about 58 of the 175 seats. Supporters were prepared to tolerate Jana Sena winning less than one-third of the 25 mp seats available, but they would not, under any circumstances, accept that their leader would accept anything less than 55 seats out of the 175 mla seats available.

The news of Jana Sena's restricted contestation, which included only 24 seats and 3 mp seats, did not live up to the high hopes of the supporters. Fans seem to have hoped for far less than what was originally thought to be a sizable electoral presence. A number of fans voiced their disappointment, doubting the viability of such a calculated move and wondering if Jana Sena would have been better off running on its own.

Fans of Jana Sena have expressed their deep displeasure and outrage with this decision on a number of media. They all seem to agree that Pawan is stuck as a result of CBN's political ploys. Tensions have risen as a result of worries over the seamless movement of votes from the Jana Sena to the tdp, with some Jana Sena members publicly stating that they would be reluctant to back tdp candidates in their home areas. This partnership might be disastrous for both parties if the predicted vote shift doesn't happen.

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