Reportedly the delhi high court refused to allow special prayers for Shab-e-Baraat in the recently demolished 'Akhoondji Mosque' graveyard in Mehrauli. The Managing Committee of delhi Waqf Board had filed a petition in this regard. Hearing this, Justice Purushendra Kumar Kaurav said that the court has given instructions to maintain status quo at the site which is now in the possession of delhi Development Authority i.e. DDA. Justice Kaurav also said that the main petition in this case has been heard several times and the last hearing will be held on march 7 to settle the matter. In such a situation the court cannot give any instructions. With this the application was rejected.

Meanwhile it is believed that Akhundji mosque is 600 years old. Apart from the mosque, the Baharul Uloom Madrasa was declared an illegal structure under Sanjay Van. DDA had demolished it on january 30. The petitioner had said in his application that people whose families are buried in the graveyard near this structure should be allowed to offer prayers on the occasion of Shab-e-Barat. The applicant's lawyer said that this cemetery was used by the local people. The lawyer told the court that there was also a graveyard there which was used by the local people.

Let us tell you that on february 5, the high court had directed DDA to maintain status quo at the place where the mosque once stood. The demolition of the mosque has been declared illegal by the Waqf Board, while the DDA in its defense said that the mosque has been demolished as per the recommendation of the religious committee on january 4. It has been said that the CEO of delhi Waqf Board was also given an opportunity of hearing by the religious committee, after which this decision was taken. However, the petitioner said that the religious committee has no right to order demolition.

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